Baby Rice’s Room…

We’ve worked hard and gotten lots done in Baby Rice’s room. 

Daddy painted the stripes.

Then there was the adventure of putting together the crib.  (Actually, the dresser took longer to put together).

So here’s how we stand right now…

“Aunt” Niki came out to help me wash the clothes and get things ready.  Turns out, Aunt Niki knows how to sew!  I know… I have pictures to prove it.  🙂

So Aunt Niki stayed home to sewed the bumper pads while I went to school one day.  There’s one left to sew… I’ll get to it eventually.  🙂

I still want to make a skirt for the crib and a curtain.  We’ll see if I can stay awake this weekend to get it all done.  Stay tuned! 🙂


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