Daddy’s 1st Father’s Day

Mercedes and I “surprised” Daddy with a BIG trip.  You see, Daddy is a HUGE soccer fan.  Mercedes and Daddy let Mommy sleep in on Saturday mornings and watch the European soccer games together.  So it was only fitting that Mercedes take her Daddy to a soccer game toFather’s Day. 

We went to the Rapids game Saturday night.  It was a great game!! 


Mercedes watched for a little while with Daddy…


and then the Rapids scored and everybody cheered.  That set her off, so she and Mommy walked around the stadium.


We went shopping too, (with Daddy’s approval) and bought the family jerseys.  They were having a SWEET sale… buy one get one FREE!!  Yes, I said FREE!!  🙂 

We took the traditional “Wilson Self Portrait”. 


Mercedes had a GREAT time!!  It was a memoriable experience for all.  Daddy LOVES live soccer games.



2 thoughts on “Daddy’s 1st Father’s Day

  1. Oh baby! I did not know! We will save every soccer shirt, ball, bag, oh yeah! PS: the 4th at the Rapids is fun too……..

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