Father’s Day Fun

One of the things I am most thankful for is my family.  They are my rock in times of trouble, my honesty in times of ego, and my source of laughter everyday!  We spent Father’s Day with my Daddy, doing his favorite thing… driving in the Colorado Mountains.  🙂  We all piled in the car and drove through Estes to the top of Trail Ridge for a Chili Dog.  It’s one of my Dad’s favorite things to do.  Yes, for those of you who think like Jim, you can get a chili dog in Fort Collins.  Many places actually.  But none of them is as expensive, take as long to serve, and are as delicious as one from the top of Trail Ridge!  It’s something about the trek it takes for the hot dog and chili to get up the mountain.  It’s something about the ice cold water that heats the chili and keeps the dogs warm.  It’s something about the teens who need a summer job to pay for the gas it takes to get to work.  Really, it’s something about the view you see while you eat that Chili Dog!  Amazing really!!





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