4th of July Snapshots…

Last year, you might remember, my family met up in Keystone, CO for a weekend in a condo.  It was such a hit… we decided to do it again!  Mom and Carol found a condo right in the middle of River Run.  It was perfect!

Mercedes spent some time in the Hot Tub.  She wasn’t sure at first, but after a little bit she was relaxed and was able to enjoy it some.


One of the blessings of this weekend, was the napping that was done.  🙂 


For the 4th of July Celebration, River Run was transformed into a Pioneer town.  There was panning for gold, old time dress up pictures, an old fashioned bike parade.  It was fun to watch everyone enjoying time together. 

We took pictures of Isaac and Mercedes in the Saloon cut out.  We’re hoping this does not turn out to be a career for them, but it was too cute to pass up.  🙂


Baby Girl and Mommy were decked out for the celebration!!  🙂


Since the kids had been sunscreened up all day.  We decided to give them a bath.  Jim and Drew didn’t like the idea of Isaac and Mercedes taking a bath together, so we compromised and put them in the double sink.  🙂 


Mercedes wasn’t too happy at first… I think it was because there was such a big audience… or maybe it’s because she’s not used to bubbles.  Who knows.  Aunt Mary captured this picture… isn’t it priceless!  🙂


We headed over to the Village to watch the fireworks show.  It was CHILLY (see photo below for proof).  We didn’t end up making it to the fireworks, we were all too cold, tired, not interested… you pick an excuse, we used it.  Back at the condo, we played Aggrivation (a game) and watched the Boston fireworks on TV.  They were not quite the same, but it was better than freezing at the Village. 


Hope your 4th was a relaxing time with family and friends! 

The summer s offically half over.  The list of Summer Jobs keeps getting bigger and bigger.  We’ll see how much gets done in the next three weeks.  Hopefully LOTS!  Thanks for stopping by and checking on what’s happening with the Wilsons!  Please send us an e-mail with an update on you and your family.  Or start a blog and send us the link!  🙂


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