Smarty Pants!

So we all know that Mercedes is Gifted… of course.  Well here’s the proof…  🙂

She’s teaching herself sign language.  She’s tired of mom and dad not giving her what she wants when she wants.  She’s never seen Aunt Terri’s house, so she move out or ever threaten to run away because where would she go?!!?!?  She already gets to go to both Grandmas’ houses each week.  Maybe she would hitch hike to Grandpa Jim’s. 

Anyway… She’s teaching herself sign language.  🙂


A collegue of mine gave me a video tape of Baby Signs while I was pregnant.  We’d already decided… let me be honest… I had already insisted that we were teaching our children sign language, so it was added to my collection.  I then sorted my sign language books and put all the baby ones together where I would have no excuses not to watch the video, reading the books, and study up.  So for the past 9 months the baby signs stuff has sat on the bottom shelf of our DVD/Video cases.  🙂  Mercedes has figured out that the VHS tapes are REALLY fun to play with and take off the shelves.  And the other night she gave up waiting for mom and dad to teach her sign and decided to teach herself!  🙂


The placard got away from her for a little bit, so I took a video of her trying to get it back.  🙂  SO FUN!!  Watch her legs… working soooooooooo hard!!!  Sorry it’s kinda dark, our living lighting is horrible at night.  we’re not about making movies here people… just MAKING MEMORIES!!  🙂  (Love you J’s)


One thought on “Smarty Pants!

  1. Mercedes knows that one quick, secret, phone call to her Auntie Terri would be reason enough to rescue her from falling laundry baskets. See she knows she’d be safe at my house because the laundry just stays on the floor. Never would she be at risk of neatly folded laundry endangering her. Or an ironing board tipping over, or a running vacuum scaring her, or her slipping on a freshly mopped floor. No, Auntie Terri’s house is safe from all that danger…….

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