We’re soooooo in trouble…

In the past eight months we have had the pleasure of watching the miracle of growth and development.  The past few weeks have provided us with another miracle of growth and development.  Mercedes has begun to get around the house.  She’s currently rolling everywhere she wants to go.  🙂  Sometimes she can scoot if it’s a short distance to what she wants to reach.  Sunday, this is where she ended up, while Mommy was cat napping before getting ready for church.  Guess cat napping is out of the question from here on out!  🙂


Monday morning while Mommy was watching Good Morning America, Mercedes rolled and scooted about the living room exploring as she went.  Here’s the result of her exploration just beore we went down for a nap.  🙂


And then later Monday afternoon while I was folding laundry and watching Kitt Kitteridge, I looked up and this is what I saw….


Yup, she had wedged herself in the corner between the swing and the fireplace.  She actually pushed the swing a couple times before getting mad because she couldn’t figure out how to get herself out.  🙂  Oh to be that little again and explore life in the simplest ways.  🙂


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