Aunt Niki’s Visit…

Aunt Niki came out and visited before Mercedes was born.  She helped me sew baby bumpers and wash all the baby clothes.  It was a HUGE help.  Well, Aunt Niki came out again this past weekend.  We had a great time.  Mercedes loves her Aunt Niki. 

She and Niki played on the floor…


Watched soccer games…


Jumped on the trampoline…


 and had TONS of fun.  Mommy and Niki had a good time too.  They went to lunch at Old Chicago and Noodles… they went to a movie while Mercedes went to Grandma’s, and they set up some shelves next to the TV and Fireplace.  We took Niki to the airport Saturday morning, and Mercedes was cranky the rest of the day.  😦  She misses her Aunt Niki!!

Aunt Niki bought her a zebra toy.  It’s a riding toy.  Mercedes likes to sit on it, buthasn’t quite figured out how to work it yet.  She’s going to grow into it… those are the best kind of toys.  Thanks Aunt Niki!!!


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