In Jesus Name…

A few months ago… no really about 6 months ago… Wow has it been that long ago?!!?  Any way, about 6 months ago, my professional world began to crumble.  The support system that I had come to rely on had been compromised.  A friend of mine, we’ll call her Pretty One, found this video (below) and showed it to me.  At the time I wasn’t ready to hear any of it.  I wanted to be mad… no I wanted to be ANGRY.  I wanted revenge.  I wanted to hurt those who had hurt me.  In the past 6 months, God has been working on my heart. 

There is no support system better than He who created all support systems.  There is no safety or security outside Him who created all safety and security.  He promised that He would protect us and NEVER leave us… He never promised we wouldn’t be hurt, stepped on and abused.  I am married to the most amazing man.  NO ONE could have picked him out for me other than his Maker.  The story of our meeting, dating, and marriage is one that could not be made up.  It’s a story that could only be written from above.  (And a story for another time)  It was NOT an accident that I married Jim.  It was not an accident that my first job was at a school with horrible leadership.  It’s not an accident that I met the principal of my DREAMS for ice tea one spring day in 2005.  It’s not an accident that she was replaced with a woman who taught me that education is more than just the curriculum I teach… it’s about relationships!  It’s not an accident that she was replaced with a leader who was promoted before he had time to think about it.  It’s not an accident that I had two interviews at two of my DREAM schools and didn’t get hired.  No Pretty One, it’s no accident we were stuck together to figure out this year together!!  God does NOT do accidents!

This past week, I went to a Casting Crowns concert at my most favorite venue around (thanks mom!).  The opening act was John Waller.  In a previous post, I referenced his song, While I’m Waiting.  While sitting at this show (that I didn’t want to be at, with a heart that was cold, and a head that thought I was faithful), John came out and started off with one of my new favorite songs, The Blessing (more on that later).  That was my wake up call!  Kenny Chesney, had his girl from Hello, but God had me from “Let it be said of us”.  

John went onto to talk about how he write songs that com straight from the Word.  “To help it be easier to remember” he said.  AMEN brother AMEN!!  I have the most wonderful family a girl could ask for.  I am the oldest of three girls.  My sister, Mary, has been and always will be my best friend and my worst enemy!  You can only say that about your sister.  Well, Mary, doesn’t read.  She never has, but my sister READS THE BIBLE!!  She can quote scripture with the best of them.  If I need a verse, she’s the first one I call.  I on the other hand devour books, LOVE to read and yet, I can’t make myself read the Bible.  So John became my newest friend because he doesn’t even know me and knew what I needed, songs filled with scripture.  Then he sings the song in the video below.  I’m sitting there thinking… I know this song, how do I know this song?!!?  And it didn’t come to me until I was drivin home from spending a afternoon at the lake when I realize that this is the song Pretty One wanted me to hear 6 months ago. 

God’s timing is truly perfect.  You see I’m going back to a place I wasn’t sure fit.  But what I KNOW for sure… is that no matter where I go, if I let Him, MY GOD REIGNS there!!  So… Spirit of Death, Doubt, Envy, Jealousy, you have no place here!!  MY GOD REIGNS HERE!!! 


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