While I’m Waiting…

This October, I will turn 30 years old.  Actually it’s really more like this November, but that’s getting into the details.  In my thrity years on this Earth, I have learned that we are ALWAYS waiting for something.  We start as an infant waiting for our parents to feed us, change us, love us, hold us, waiting.  Then when you’re a toddler, you’re waiting to be a “big girl”.  Once you’re finally a “big girl” you’re waiting to grow up and be a teenager.  As a teenager, you’re waiting to be an adult and on your own.  Then all of the sudden you are that adult, on your own and still you’re waiting.  Waiting to graduate college… waiting for the dream job… waiting for the man you’ll spend the rest of your life with… waiting for the house you can finally truly call home… waiting for the kids who will continue your legacy… All this waiting! 

Below is a link to one of my new favorite songs…  It’s actually the theme song for the movie FireProof, but I think it can apply to any stage or circumstances of life.  Isn’t that our true purpose on tis Earth… to WORSHIP while we’re waiting!  And what should we be waiting for… not the next step, but for Christ’s return as our King!  In the mean time, we should WORSHIP Him in everything we do.  So from here on out, until the Day comes… Faithfully I will Wait!!  Even when I don’t feel like it… I will wait.  Because the peace I find while I wait is the kind of peace that I can NOT live without. 


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