Playing in the Sand…

Aunt Terri lives by a lake and invited us to come down for the afternoon to play.  It was sooooooooooo relaxing, Mommy is trying to convince Daddy to move into Aunt Terri’s neighborhood.  🙂  Isaac was staying at our house for a few days, so he got to come too.  He had a GREAT time playing in the water and the sand.  Matt and Jaclyn were wonderful playmates!!  Thanks guys!!  🙂

Isaac was trying to help Mercedes play in the sand just before this picture was taken.  He dumped a shovel full of water and sand on Mercedes’ head.  She didn’t bat an eye, nor shed a tear.  🙂  Jaclyn helped clean her off.  Mommy figured, she wasn’t upset by it, why brush it off.  🙂  Jaclyn was lookin’ out for her girl friend!!


We sat Mercedes down right on the edge of the water.  She stayed there the entier time.  She watched Isaac play with Jac.  She watched the girls swimming in the lake.  She played with the toys Aunt Terri brought for the sand.  It was a GREAT relaxing afternoon.  A summer favorite, I think.  We might have to make it a tradition to go to the lake with Aunt Terri every summer, at least once!!  🙂  Thanks Aunt Terri!!

Isaac had a GREAT time too.  He was a little timid at first, but then he got braver.  Jaclyn was patient with him.  The perfect babysitter… I have her number if anyone wants it.  Aunt Mandy was able to just sit back and relax.  After two days with two under 12 months, I wasn’t much company.  Next time Aunt Terri and Mommy are going to bring their school stuff and plan lessons while the kids play. 


Terri made sandwhiches for lunch.  Isaac loved his PB&J!!


There’s fish in Aunt Terri’s lake.  If you stand really still, they swim up to your feet.  Once Isaac could focus on them, he was hooked.  But he didn’t know understand the standing still part, so Jac helped out with that.  🙂



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