Another “Aunt”…

This past week, Aunt Kenzie came to visit.  Mackenzie and I went to college together.  This is a busy time of year, it’s the getting ready for school rush.  Aunt Kenzie helped finish up the last of the summer projects.  We started upstairs on Thursday and got the loft all cleaned up.  Jim didn’t think he would ever see the top of the desk again.  🙂  Mom came over and almost fainted!  🙂  It was a GREAT feeling.  Now everything upstairs has a place to be put away.  More on our house later.

Aunt Kenzie was a HUGE help with Mercedes too.  Since she’s now mobile, it’s harder to get things done around the house.  I worry about where she’s going or getting into.  Kenz helped give Mercedes a bath and then we cut her hair.  Yes, you will remember that she had a hair cut two months ago!!  But it was getting in her eyes.


 Friday, we headed down to the school to drop off a load of stuff.  Aunt Kenzie had fun dressing Mercedes up all “girlie”.  Mercedes LOVED it… she didn’t play with her headband.  It lasted all day.  🙂 


 Friday night we took Kenz to Walrus for ice cream.  It was our first trip of the summer.  Sad to think that we were too busy for Walrus, but it’s true.  😦  We were horrible parents and let Mercedes eat ice cream.  She got the hang of it quick.  she watched Mommy licking her cone and knew just what to do when I put it close to her mouth.  SO FUN!!




 Saturday was the day for Aunt Kenzie to leave.  Before we took her to the airport we walked around the neighborhood garage sales.  It was GREAT!  We got sme GREAT deals too.  I got some new Halloween decorations, a cute light-up snowman for our porch, some books, a chair for my classroom, and a mickey mouse.  It was a GREAT morning.  Aunt Kenzie got this hat for Mercedes.  It was a hit at church on Sunday.


On our way to the airport, we stopped by the Larimer County Fair.  Jim doesn’t like anything country, so I was excited that Kenz and I could go together.  Mercedes loved it.  So much to look at and enjoy.  We had Runza for lunch, then it was time to take Aunt Kenzie to the airport.  😦  It was a GREAT visit. 


Thanks for comn’ Kenz!  It was a GREAT weekend.  Thank you for helping get things done, for going garage selling with me and being my date to the fair.  We love you!!


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