Zebra Ride #1

While Aunt Niki was out visiting she bought Mercedes the cutest toy!  The box says it’s for 12 months and older, but Mercedes, as you all know, is gifted.  🙂  I’m going to post this in a series of posts, just to keep you coming back for more.  🙂 

I finally got batteries put into the Zebra about 3 weeks ago.  Since then Mercedes has figured out that if she turns one of the little animals on the handle, the Zebra makes noise.  It’s been fun to watch her crawl, reach, and wait to make the Zebra “sing”.  🙂 

The other night Jim set her on the Zebra.  Wait… let me back up.  Grandma Joyce has a cute little Pooh Bear Rocking Horse toy.  Mercedes has practiced sitting on a rocking horse at Grandma Joyce’s since she was able to sit up.  So as much as I would like to think she is “twice exceptional”, this was not the first time she’s been on a “rocking horse”.  🙂

So anyway, Jim set her on the Zebra.  She had a death grip with her left hand on the hand bar.  Jim held her at her waist to steady her.  He helped the Zebra move and rock so it would “sing”.  She laughed and squealed with such delight.  🙂 


There’s not much more I can say… the video says it all!  🙂

More Zebra fun to come!!  Thanks Aunt Niki!!


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