Our New Discovery…

It’s so much fun to watch Mercedes change and grow!  She’s becoming more and more apart of our family.  Not to say she wasn’t before, she’s just more involved.  She’s able to follow us around the house.  It’s fun to see.  She’s found the magnets on the fridge, she loves going around and around the island in the kitchen, and she’s discovered a new toy….





These four pictures were taken in a matter of minutes.  This is her new thing.  🙂  Opening and (sometimes) closing the cabinet doors.  🙂  Jim installed the safety latches on the doors under the sink.  SO FUN!!  The adventures of parenting!


One thought on “Our New Discovery…

  1. So cute! She did that at Grandma & Papa’s last week! only she started pulling things out of the cupboard! i held the doors shut with a rubber band around the knobs. So Mercedes would pull the door as much as she could! TOOOOO precious!

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