A few weeks ago we went to “Woodstock” for Christians.  🙂  HeavenFest is a huge festival of Christian Music.  There were at least 30,000 people, 8 stages, lots of sun, and praise and worship all around!!!  What a weekend.  Aunt Mary was in charge of the Front Gate and Aunt Carol came down to help. 


Aunt Carol scored back stage passes to see some of the bands on the main stage.  Daddy and Baby Girl went with Aunt Carol to meet  Matthew West.  Mercedes slept through the whole thing.  Baby Girl “met” her first celebrity that weekend.


It was a HOT August day!  We were prepared.  We had water, umbrellas, blankets, and lawn chairs.  We had fun watching Gran’pa be McGyver trying to keep Mercedes out of the sun.  God provided a nice breeze, so as long as we were in the shade, the heat wasn’t too bad.



There was GREAT music all day long.  Daddy wanted to see all the bands on the main stage, so that’s where we camped out.  Mommy and Gran’pa walked around and looked at all the vendors.  We ate well, at HeavenFest, too.  Chick-Fil-A was there… of course!  YUMMY!! 

On the main stage, we heard Kutless, Seventh Day Slumber, Matthew West, Third Day and more.  We were about halfway back from the stage.  It was the perfect spot.  Close to the food, water, and porta-potties.  🙂  Daddy has super senses and always protects his eyes, ears, nose and mouth.  He’s hoping that Mercedes has the same “super power”.  We cut apart an adult sized ear plug and did our best to keep the two pieces in her ears all day.  🙂  That was entertainment enough.



All in all it was a wonderful Saturday spent worshipping with thousands of brothers and sisters in Christ!!


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