Football Snacks!!

While the Steelers played last week, Mercedes sat in her rocker and ate some puffs. 

For those of you who don’t know, puffs are expensive cheerios for babies.  Yes, as first time parents, we have been suckered into buying all the expensive “just right” food for our little princess.  🙂 

So anyway, the Steelers pre-season opener was last week and of course we were all ready to watch.  Mercedes was getting kind of fussy, so I put her in her rocking chair and fed her some dinner right there in front of the TV like any good mother would!  When we finished, I decided she should stay trapped in her chair for a little longer and grabbed the puffs on my way back from the kitchen.  It was a HIT!!  She figured it all out quick enough.  She’s not so good at getting them in her mouth, her fingers get in the way of that, but she loves getting them out of the jar!  🙂




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