Gran’ma Daycare…

With the start of school, I haven’t taken many pictures this week.  So I decided to share a little about where Mercedes spends her time while Mommy and Daddy work all day.  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, we are blessed to have Mercedes enrolled in a Daycare in town.  Christ Fellowship Church hosts a Child Care Center as part of their church ministry.  CFC is a wonderful place, where Mercedes is able to learn with children her own age.  We’ll post more picturs this week… I have to remind Daddy to take some when he drops her off in the mornings and picks her up in the evenings.  Until then we have pictures from Gran’ma Daycare.  🙂

On Tuesdays, Mercedes spends the day with Gran’ma Cheryl.  They do lots of fun things, like clean house, do the laundry, have coffee with friends, go to the office, run errands, etc.  So much fun!!  Here are some pictures from Gran’ma’s house…

Mercedes likes to play in Gran’ma’s cabinets too.  🙂 


More pictures to come!!  I have to spread them out this week, to keep your addictions healthy.  🙂


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