So I have really slacked this week in posting on the blog.  Here’s the scoop… I usually write all my entries for the week on Sundays.  Then I just schedule them to go live on different days during the week.  I sat down to work on the blog this weekend, and realized I had NOTHING to post.  No pictures!  So I had to bring in the reinforcements… Gran’ma Cheryl and Grandma Joyce.  I had planned on updating the blog Monday night, but really… how realistic is that?!?!  Then last night we went to Gran’ma’s to help Uncle Drew celebrate his birthday, so that was out!  I’m sorry for leaving you all hanging most of the week.

There you have it!  Confessions of the blog poster and now I’ll at least put one or two up for the rest of the week.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Confessions…

  1. Hmmmm…how about updating the other party of your blog where you post pictures that you took in the past.
    Or course it DOES NOT make up for that little girl but it’ll do….

  2. What if you gave Jim the password to the blog and let him do a few posts? He is a very good writer and all the keyboard pounding would make everyone at the office think he was working intensely.

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