Proud to be a CSU RAM!!!

Mercedes wore her CSU cheerleading outfit to church yesterday.  You might remember this outfit from after she was born.  It is a 0-3 months outfit, so it fits like a “real” cheerleading skirt… showing off a little booty.  But at her age it’s cute… right?!?!  🙂


We went to Grandpa Jim’s last night to help celebrate his birthday.  We watched the game on his HD TV.  It was perfect!!  The win was sweet… at Folsom no less!


After church, I set up a make shift “studio” to take come pictures of our little cheerleader.  Not bad for the first try.  🙂   


I’ll get better… I have some other ideas, shhhhhhh don’t tell Jim.  He already thinks I’ve taken over the house.  Just becuase I have piles in every room, doesn’t mean I’ve taken over.  He’s just jealous becasue he doesn’t have any hobbies.  🙂

It’s nothing like Cousin Crystal or uncle Seth, but it will feed mommy’s hobby.  🙂



2 thoughts on “Proud to be a CSU RAM!!!

  1. The “studio” can go where the unused sewing desk upstairs is currently located – we’ll get rid of the desk, sewing machine, and dressers so you can set up a “studio.” Oh, and my hobby is collecting comic books.

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