Learning to share

Isaac and Mercedes are very much typical first born/only children.  They command attention.  They expect immediate affection.  And everything is MINE. 

We got together to celebrate Uncle Drew’s birthday and watch the kids play.  Okay, let’s be honest… we got together to see the kids play and just happened to celebrate Drew’s birthday at the same time.  🙂  The kids really play nicely together.  Until you pull out the “Car”.  Isaac is a wonderful cousin and gives Mercedes toys when she doesn’t have any.  He covers her with blankets when he thinks she needs them.  He gives her a pacifer whenever he sees it laying around.  But when Mercedes crawls over to play with the “car”, he’s not too into that.  Mine!  He says.  When you remind him that he needs to share, he lowers his head and tried hard to share.  It’s the cutest thing. 

He finally did a good job sharing… pushing Mercedes, helping her with the buttons, etc.  Such cute kids!!  🙂





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