Standin’ Up!

About a week or so ago, Mercedes started pulling up on EVERYTHING.  It’s been fun to watch, but has completely changed how we do things.  I sound like a broken record, I know… It’s still amazing to me how many changes happen in just 12 months. 

Anyway, she’s pulling up and LOVES IT!  🙂  We’ve had to clear off the coffee table, pick up the mail off the couch, and follow her around everywhere she goes.  I know you all feel real sorry for us, but it is exhausting.  🙂 

Our first picture standing up at the coffee table… (notice the bottle lid in our hand)


From the other side… (again notice the bottle lid)


One more picture…


And now the video…

You think she’s so innocent.  But TRUST me, she knows what she’s doing.  I think she drops things just so she can say Uh Oh!  🙂


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