Brushin’ our hair…

We’ve started bathing our little Princess more often.  My excuse is because of her crazy hair.  We have to tame it somehow.  🙂  Daddy’s excuse is because she crawls around all over the floor.  🙂  Bathtime is fun.  Jim has decided she needs to move upstairs to her bathtub because she makes too much of a mess.  Silly Daddy doesn’t know that that is what bathtime is about!  🙂 

This video is of last week’s bath.  I was brushin’ her hair and she started to brush it too.  Now everything is a brush.  🙂  She brushes her hair all the time.  If only it would calm the those beautiful locks! 


2 thoughts on “Brushin’ our hair…

  1. She has hair like her mother! We have watched more than once today. She is so smart, she is going to give you a run for your money! Like my Elizabeth!

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