Family Night

One of my favorite memories growing up was Family Night.  Picture this… Coffee table covered in beach towels.  Pizza Hut warming in the oven.  A Tub of Red Vines sitting on the living room floor.  A Disney movie scheduled to come on TV.  and the best part….. POP to drink!!  What more could a kid ask for!?!?!? 

We had our “first” Family Night last week.  We didn’t watch any movies.  Or play games.  Or do our own version of American Idol.  But we did to the Pizza and Pop part.  Mercedes had her first taste of pizza crust.  She enjoyed EVERY bite.  she ate almost the whole thing.  Daddy even brought her high chair into the living room to join Mommy “veggin'” on the couch.  I can’t wait until movies, popcorn, red vines, and games are involved. 



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