All over the place…

Posted on on October 11, 2009

Mercedes is the Queen of our house.  Shocking, I know!  🙂  She loves that she can get to where she wants without much help.  Mom and Dad on the other hand have had to resort to creative measures to keep from following her around everywhere.  Don’t get me wrong, we follow her… but there are times when you just need to pee and you want to know she’s safe.  🙂

This next story has no pictures or video.  I’m sorry.  After you read about it you’ll understand why there are no pictures.  As a consolation prize, here’s a picture of her new favorite place to go.

Last weekend, I was in a rare “Hannah Housewife” mood.  I got out AND put up the Halloween decorations by myself.  I picked up the house.  I did the dishes and ran after Baby Girl.  It was a great Saturday!!  While I was putzing around the kitchen, Mercedes was being such a good girl toolin’ around the house.  Soon it got “quiet”.  You know the kind of quiet… when you know you should just peak around the corner to see what the children are up to.  Well, I peaked and to my surprise, Mercedes was on the third step going up the stairs.  I calmly called Jim from upstairs and told him he should see what his daughter was doing.  He came to the landing (our stairs are split in two chunks) and sat down.  Mercedes proceeded to crawl up the stairs while I stood at the bottom and her dad sat at the top.  I was so stunned I couldn’t even move to go get the camera for fear she’d fall backward.  So let it be known that Mercedes Cherie Wilson crawled up the stairs all by herself on Saturday, October 3, 2009!!


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