Posted on on October 5, 2009

One of the many reasons I love our DayCare center is they help us first time parents get a clue!  One day when Jim dropped off Mercedes at school, the teacher asked if they could start giving Mercedes table food at lunch time.  DUH!  Fortunately, God had given us the wisdom to, just the night before, let her try some of Mommy’s mac and cheese.  So Jim could respond with “Sure, in fact she just had mac and cheese last night.”  🙂

As good students, we have been diligently giving Mercedes more table good for lunch and dinner.  🙂  On of the first nights she got REAL DINNER, we took pictures.  As all good first time parents do, right?!?!?

She had potatoes and Spagetthi.  She enjoyed it to the fullest!


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