Five Guys… Yummmmmmm

Most of you know and love my husband.  You will appriecate this story. 

One Sunday after church, Jim offered to take me out to lunch.  Don’t get me wrong, we go out to lunch after church frequently, but it is NEVER Jim’s idea.  🙂  So not only did he offer to take me to lunch, he let me pick!  I am a good ol’ American Girl and love my beef, so naturally I chose a hamburger joint.  Those of you who know and love me, will guess I chose to go to McDonald’s, alas you would be wrong.  I chose a much higher class burger joint… Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  I was introduced to Five Guys about a year and a half ago and it has been love ever since.  They serve burgers and fries… that’s it!  The burgers are meaty and have just the right amount of grease to make them juicy without making them clog your arteries… awwwwww who am I kidding… it’s a hamburger! 

Anyway, as I was not expecting to go out to lunch and then go grocery shopping, we were ill prepared to take Mercedes to lunch.  I am not one to be knocked down however.  I am creative, and resourceful.  Mercedes loved her hamburger and didn’t make a mess!  🙂  (Yes, that is aluminum foil in place of a bib)



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