Dinner with Papa & “BestaMor”

One year ago, on November 06, 2008, we went to the hospital because I was in labor.  November 06 is a special day, because it’s my Grandpa’s birthday.  So one year ago, at about 8:00pm I asked my mom to call Papa George and tell him he was going to share a birthday with a Great-Grandchild.  We all thought “Baby Rice” would make an enterance before midnight.  As Papa George would say… Mercedes was in charge (and has been ever since).  As much as I know she loves her Papa George, she wanted her own day!  🙂  She waited just 5 more hours and made her enterance.

So I decided it would be special to have a quiet dinner with just Papa George and “Bestamor” on November 06.  It was WONDERFUL.  Papa George and BestaMor gave Mercedes the cutest, cuddly, teddy bear ever! 

She loved it!  It was the perfect distraction, so the rest of us could eat dinner.  🙂 

Mercedes was such a good girl for dinner.  She talked, she played, she snuggled up with Papa George.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening.  What a special memory!!

(For those of you who are wondering who BestaMor is, that’s Grandma Franny.  My good friend, Kari, is married to a Norwegian… God-love her!  I asked her some time ago what Great-Grandma would be in Norwegian… it’s BestaMor.  My cousins have always called Grandma, MorMor.  MorMor is Norwegian for Mother’s Mother.  It makes sense because Grandma is their Mother’s Mother.  I always wondered where the name came from and why it wasn’t quite right for us to call her MorMor.  Technically, my sisters and I should have given her the name FarMor.  It never happened, she will always be MorMor to me.  Except when Mercedes talks about her… and then she will be known as BestaMor! ~Thanks Kari)

Another favorite part of the night was getting MY birthday presents.  I don’t know if they were truely meant to be my birthday presents, but I will forever remember them as being my 30th birthday presents from my grandparents. 

Before I describe my presents, (I do not have pictures…yet) let me give you a little background knowledge.  I am a history junkie.  I EAT up geneology (Thank you Lord for my Mormon relatives).  My Papa George’s family is from Sweden.  His Grandmother Johnson came to the States.  Uncle David (Papa George’s brother) lives in Sweden.  My Grandma Franny was BORN in Norway.  She came to the states when she was two years old.  I have recently (in the last 10 year) gotten this incredible  craving for my Scandinavian heritage.  So now you will understand why I will forever treasure these presents.

So the first gift was a pair of wooden shoes that Great-Great Grandma Johnson wore.  She wore them while she was in Sweden and when she came to the states.  SO COOL!!  One of the shoes has split, but that’s what real wooden shoes do, right?!?!  The coolest thing, Papa George did the math while he was talking about the shoes, and when Mercedes is 30 years old, the shoes will be 200 years old!!!  How cool is that!?!!??!?

The second present was a Cedar chest that Grandma used for her doll clothes.  She remembers painting the outside and the people on top.  It still smells of Cedar wood.  I can’t wait for Mercedes to put her doll clothes and Barbie clothes in there. 

Isn’t that the COOLEST!?!?!?!  Thanks Papa George and MorMor!!!


One thought on “Dinner with Papa & “BestaMor”

  1. I love your presents. I love that you have such a passion for our family history. After all, someone has to be around to teach my kid about it … No but seriously – what a cool dinner. I love you!

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