Walking with Cuz

Mercedes is learning to walk.  More like she’s trying to walk.  She’s gotten really good… and fast.  She does NOT like walking without holding on with both hands though.  You can try to let go with one hand, but she’ll figure it out, take a step and then just fall down and start to crawl.  I’m just waitin’ for the day that she stands up and runs across the room.  It’s a day I can’t wait to see, yet one that will come all too soon.  Once that happens… IT’S ALL OVER!!  She’s already all over the house… I can’t imagine what happens when she’s actually walking. 

Isaac came up and stayed at Gran’ma and Gran’pa’s for Cede’s birthday weekend.  He came to church with us and helped pass the time while we waited for church to start.  🙂  SO CUTE!!


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