Favorite Pics…Reflections

In the center of the Town Square on Main Street was a giant Mickey Mouse pumpkin.  There was always a line there to get your picture taken, but we waited on my birthday.  I bought a special shirt to wear (the orange Mickey shirt) for my birthday.  It was a great way to start the day!!  🙂

The giant pumpkin lit up at night.  Leave it to Disney to go all out and find a way to make every holiday special.

Club 33 is an exclusive club within the gates of Disneyland.  The waiting list to become a member is years long, so I’m not even going to try.  It would be fun though to be a member of an exclusive Disney club.  We learned about this club the first time we went to Disneyland, when we went on a behind the scenes tour.  We took a “Wilson” picture in front of the sign this time around. 

California Adventure is getting a make over and one of my favorite parts is the farrs wheel.  I don’t remember what the other Mickey looked like, but I LOVE the new one.  It’s modeled after the old opening to the Mickey cartoons.  It looks great during the day, but it looks Spectacular at night!!  🙂  Jim gave me the idea to take a picture of the reflection in the pond.  We make a great photography team.  🙂

You know I love to take pictures.  I get frustrated because I will take 500 pictures on a trip, but only get maybe 10 “artistic” photos.  I have to remind myself it’s normal.  🙂  And be greatful for digital cameras.  I started my photography hobby in college using film.  Fortunately, I was also the co-editor of the yearbook, so my pictures were developed as part of the yearbook preparations.  Alas, that is not the point of this post…

The Submarines returned to Disneyland in the Spring of 2008 (I think).  It is now a voyage through Nemo’s world.  We did not wait in the line to ride Nemo this time around.  (I got clausterphobic last time and didn’t really want to wait in line and take that chance.)  🙂  But I took pictures of the subs as we were waiting to take a ride on the monorail. 

Since our first trip to Disneyland together, Jim and I have made it a tradition of having lunch at the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square.  The restaurant is famous for the Monte Cristo (a deep fried ham and cheese sandwhich).  It’s delicous and WAY TOO much food, so we always split it.  We went to lunch on my birthday, to celebrate.  I even got a small bowl of chocolate mousse with a candle and sprinkles.  🙂  I didn’t take any pictures inside… it’s too dark.  Sorry.  Google… it’s a great tool.  🙂

Another special way we celebrated my birthday was spending time with out friends Danielle & Steve.  They were at Disneyland that weekend celebrating Ian’s birthday.  Ian was born just four days before Mercedes.  It was so fun to sit in Disneyland with friends and chit chat, while we watched Ian toddle around.  It was relaxing and stress free… the perfect way to spend my birthday!!!

So, have I mentioned that I had a great birthday?!?!?!?  If that message did not become clear in the last few posts… I HAD A GREAT BIRTHDAY!!  🙂  Thanks, Baby!!  🙂


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