Our Froggy

Yes, she’s a froggy.  Since she learned to roll over, Mercedes has slept on her tummy.  (She got that from her mommy).  Her Dad finally got over it… or should I say tried to ignore it… when every time he would turn her over, she would just turn back to her tummy.  🙂

When Mercedes is tired (or poutting) she gets in the “froggy” position. 

She lies flat on her tummy, her knees up to her armpits, and her head on her hands.  We’ve tried it… it’s not possible for an adult to get in that position. 

We are concerned about the froggy, because she lay face down.  More often than not, she’s got her hands under her head, so there’s some breathing room.  It’s still scary.  That’s when I have to remember that Jesus is watching over her and I’m thankful for everyday He gives us.

See… this is how she sleeps…



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