Baby Beth

So, I don’t have any pictures, but I have a story to tell about Mercedes last night. (Yes, I’m writing this at school…. shhhhh don’t tell my boss). 🙂

As you know, Mercedes has been rocking and patting babies for months now. Come to find out from her teachers at school, that doesn’t really start until age 2 or so. I knew she was gifted!! 🙂 TeHe. Anyway, she recently started feeding babies and stuffed animals. I have a picture from Thanksgiving, but it’s at home and I’m at school… so you’ll have to wait for that.

Last night she was tired and cranky, so we made her a bottle and put her in her pjs to go to bed. She didn’t want to drink out of her bottle and played for a little bit. Baby Beth was sitting in Mercedes rocking chair next to the couch. Cede all of the sudden stopped playing with mom and Dad and beelined over to the rocking chair. She stopped half way there and looked around. Then she started reaching for her bottle on the coffee table. We thought she wanted a drink, so Jim picked her up and held her and opened the bottle lid. She swatted it away and wiggled out of his arms. She reached for her bottle again and started crawling with it towards the rocking chair. I started to cry (no tears, but I got a little emotional, because I knew what she was trying to do). She tried to climb in her rocking chair while still holding the bottle. She dropped the bottle and got upset. Daddy helped her into her chair and moved Baby Beth so Mercedes could sit down. Mercedes fussed and reached out for Baby and then reached for her bottle. She then proceeded to feed Baby Beth a bottle. It was the cutest thing. She help Baby on her lap and made sure the bottle lid was touching Baby’s mouth. She got frustrated when it wouldn’t stay on Baby’s mouth. Feeding Baby Beth went on for a good 10 minutes. Mercedes moved from her rocking chair to the floor and then to Daddy’s lap. All the while she wanted to feed Baby Beth. SOOOOOOO fun!! I’m pretty sure we got some video of it, but it was dark. I’ll check it out when we get home and if it’s watchable, I’ll post it soon.

There’s a story to brighten your day!! 🙂


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