Sleeper… SO SWEET

So you’ve seen the “Froggy”.  Here are a few other pictures of our sleeper!  🙂

Mercedes has been a really good sleeper since the day she was born.  Some seem to think it’s because I slept throughout my entire pregnancy, except to eat, pee, and work.  I remember the first time she slept “through the night”.  We had only been home for a few days.  Jim and I didn’t set an alarm, unlike what they told us at the hospital. I grew up with the motto, Don’t Wake a Sleeping Baby.  So we didn’t get up until she woke us up.  Well, one morning that first week home, we woke up in a panic, because it had been 6 hours and we hadn’t heard her.  She was still sleeping at the end of our bed in the cradle my dad made.  So it wasn’t that we didn’t hear her, it was just that she didn’t wake up.  We BOTH checked her, felt her, and then tried really hard to fall back asleep.  🙂  Ever since then she’s been a good sleeper.  Unless she’s growing, or lost her pacifer, we don’t hear much from her from about 8pm-5:30am. 

On Saturdays (and Sundays) our my favorite thing to do is take naps on the couch.  She doesn’t snuggle much like she used to, but when you catch her in a mood to snuggle… TAKE ADVANTAGE!  🙂  I did a few weeks ago…

She is her mother’s daughter and LOVES to shop.  When she was little, she used to sleep in the Ergo ( baby backpack) while I shopped to my heart’s content.  Now she doesn’t want to sleep while we’re in the store.  She wants to be in the cart, looking, touching, and talking about everything she sees.  🙂  It’s one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday… running errands with Baby Girl…


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