Border War

CSU is our college team.  It has been since I grew up and Jim graduated from there, so that just solidfied our love for the GREEN AND GOLD.  🙂  It has been a long standing tradition for the final game of the season to be against Wyoming University.  It’s called the Border War.  The football that is used for the game is even brought from the boader of the two states to whichever field is hosting the game.  (Mind you, the ball is not driven… it’s carried by ROTC cadets… on foot).  There is a trophy that is shared between the two schools, as well.  It’s a brozed Vietnam Vetran’s boot . 

My Grandpa and Marilyn have season tickets to the CSU Football games.  They were in Missouri for the Border War and offered us two of their tickets for the game.  It was GREAT!!  Right on the 50 yard line… just far enough up from the field, that I could watch the cheerleaders and Jim could watch the game.  The weather that day was BEAUTIFUL!!!  It felt like a September football game.  You couldn’t tell that it was the Friday after Thanksgiving, except for that the student section wasn’t full. 

Aunt Carol came with us, which was helpful since Mercedes is mobile.  🙂  We got to the game early and walked around the fun station they had set up outside the stadium.  Mercedes and I went down one of the blow up slides.  She wasn’t too sure about the ride, but I had fun.  (We have pictures, but we have to get them off Daddy’s phone… so they’ll be posted soon).

Grandpa has warned me about thethe marching band.  We were prepared for the show.  Mercedes loved the music.  The band was GREAT!!  That was her favorite part of the day… the band.  🙂

What a day!!  Unfortunately, CSU lost the border war and the bronzed boot went home with Wyoming.  Better luck next year!!


2 thoughts on “Border War

  1. Ohhhh she has the cheerleader clap down!
    Let’s teacher her a few jumps and get her a skirt!
    How CUTE! (Must be some remote gene from my side wayyyyy back in time). Auntie Terri

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