It’s a tradition in our family, as I’m sure it is in yours, to decorate our house for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving.  For the last 10 years, I’ve always thought we decorated our house that way growing up.  Come to find out, that’s not true.  Mom used to decorate the week after Thanksgiving while we were all at school.  Her goal was to get the decorations done before Dad’s birthday on December 7th.  (by the way… Happy Birthday, Daddy).  I took this knowledge to heart this year and spent a couple weekends putting up the decorations.  It worked out well, since Mercedes wanted to help out.  🙂

I got all the “little stuff” done the weekend after Thanksgiving.  We put the tree up this past weekend.  And we’re working on the ornaments as the week goes by.  🙂  Not quite by Gran’pa’s birthday, but close!  🙂

Like I said… Mercedes wanted to help…

She found the ornaments, too!  🙂  She’s a natural decorator.  I think she’s going to take after her mom.  Watch out Daddy, now there’s two of us!!  🙂


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