“Creative Play”

If you know us you know that I am the more relaxed of the two of us.  Jim is a very neat and tidy guy.  He doesn’t like sticky fingers, messy hands, clutter, piles, and messes.  How he ended up falling for me?!!?!?  that’s the question of the century… but we’re not going to search for an answer.  🙂

Well, Mercedes figured out that Kleenex was a fun toy.  The rest is all in pictures….

Notice the position of the kleenex box in the pictures above and below.  The box was not touched by Mommy.

This is what we educators call…. “Creative Play”.  🙂  Daddy was gone Monday night.  Baby Girl played creatively and Mommy got the evidence cleaned up (mostly) before Daddy got home.  He doesn’t even know this happened… well he didn’t know until now.  Sorry Daddy!  We love you!! 🙂


2 thoughts on ““Creative Play”

  1. That’s my girl! If messy play bothers anyone, she can do it at MY house. I let Jacquelyn do it all the time and she is our smarty. Her projects at school are always the ones the teachers save for later years because they are SO CREATIVE! GO Mercedes! I am buying her
    bags of ten bean mix and funnels and measuring cups ha ha – beans all over the Wilson house! Love you Jim!

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