St. Lucia Day

Happy St. Lucia Day!  We had the first annual Cookie Baking day today.  It’s a tradition I’m starting.  You see, St. Lucia Day is a Sweden holiday celebrating Saint Lucy.  The tradition in my family was the oldest girl in the family would wake Gran’ma up early in the morning with tea and cookies.  I never find time to bake the cookies, so what better way to celebrate and pass down the holiday to my children, than to set aside the time to bake cookies as a family.

And so we started baking about lunch time…

Isaac was GREAT help.  He had the most important job of all… helping clean the beaters.

BestaMor and Papa George stopped by to say hi.  It was the perfect distraction for Isaac.  🙂  We’re so glad they came by.  Mary and Isaac took a four generations picture.  So did Mercedes and I.  It was a fun diversion from the chaos… if only for a minute.

By the time the sunset, we had quite a mess (and to think we’d cleaned up twice already).  🙂 

But these are just some of the treats we have to show for it!  🙂  What a fun day!!

So mark your calendars… December 13th, 2010.  Cookie Baking at the Wilson’s.  (Although you might have to bring your own counter space, but the more the merrier, right?!?!)  🙂


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