Mercedes moved up to the one year old room this month.  In the ones, there are many different things that happen.  First, there are no more bottles in the ones room.  There’s snack twice a day, but no more bottles.  😦  It’s a good thing, because we don’t have to send them anymore.  So far, so good with the bottle transitions.  She still gets one in the morning and one before she goes to bed.  She’s happy… what more could we want.

Another transition we’ve made in the ones room is the report we get at the end of the day.  We still get a paper, but this time there’s not as much information.  We don’t know anymore, how much she drank.  We don’t know, what she ate for lunch.  We don’t know as much, but what we know is SHE LOVES school!!  What more could we want.

The last transition has been the hardest of all.  You see, we have a GREAT sleeper.  In the ones room, there is only one nap.  It’s right after lunch.  She’s doing really well with only one nap, but there are times when she falls asleep before we leave the parking lot.  🙂  She’ll get there.  She catches up at her grandmas’ houses and on the weekends.  And really… she’s happy… what more could we want.


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