Christmas Blessings

 I hope this post finds you relaxed after the holidays.  I know… relaxed… whatever!  It’s supposed to be vacation right!?!?!?  But we spend most of it running from one place to another, shoping for gifts in between and making goodies to bring to each event.  Alas, I’m taking time to count my blessing this season.

Of course top on my list is our bundle of joy!!  Each time I look at her, I thank God for the blessing of being her mother.  She’s georgous (we’re still trying to figure out where she got that?!?!), gifted (again, still trying to figure out where she got that?!?!), and giggly!!  Who couldn’t love this face….

Another blessing is the handsome man I’m married to.  Seriously, there’s not a better match for me.  I can be seriously lazy… and he puts up with it.  I let the dishes pile up in the sink… and he puts up with it.  I sleep through my daughter’s cries in the night… and he puts up with it.  I could continue, but it’s depressing.  Really, Jim is my Prince Charming, sent from Heaven above!! 

This picture represents my favorite night in a long time.  We spent Christmas Eve at home this year.  It was quiet, calm, and full of snacks and traditions from when I was little.  Family time is my favorite.  It makes me want to add to our family, but then I wake up from my daydream and remember that one is enough for now.  🙂

No, the basket of toys is NOT what she got for Christmas… those are the toys she already had.  Just another reason to count our blessings though… we, as parents, have purchased very few toys for our daughter.  We are so blessed to have a large “Mercedes Fan Club”.  🙂  We are so loved and we love you all!!!   

When I sit down to count my blessings…. there are too many to count.  You are part of that list. Take time during this busy Christmas season to count some of your blessings.  I know… it’s hard admist the choas, but in the peace of our living room, after everyone else has gone to bed, that’s the best time!!


One thought on “Christmas Blessings

  1. Might need a copy of the cute girl by the Christmas tree. I too have visions of another Baby Wilson. They maybe you could share Mercedes more ha ha!

    PS: LOVE the one with Santa. Oh yeah, picture for the boyfriend.

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