Small & Sassy

Yes, this is our Baby Girl.  We love her.  I don’t know where she gets her personality, but it fits her!  She is small & sassy.  No, she doesn’t talk… but she sure knows how to communicate.  Take tonight for instance…. Jim and I got home at the same time.  We all got into the house at the same time.  Jim starts to make Mercedes dinner.  I’m thinking…. wait a minute, I’m hungry too, but I want to change my clothes first.  Jim says to me “you can try that if you want”.  So I try it.  I pick up my darling little daughter and start heading up the stairs.  OH NO!  That is not what we want to do.  I calmly tell her as we climb the stairs that we eat dinner together and Mommy and Daddy need to change their clothes first.  I put her on the floor of our bedroom and a 1st class FIT ensues.  I tell her one more time that we eat together as a family and “Mommy doesn’t listen to whining”.  I change my clothes, walking over her as she throws her fit.  When I’m finished, I pick her up and she points to the stairs and says uhhhhhh.  I head downstairs and the fit slowly ends. 

Yes… she’s small, but sassy!!

P.S.  Do you know who got to eat their dinner first?!?!!?!?!? 





Yup… Tinkerbell!!


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