A New Fascination

Last week, I got home for work and took Mercedes upstairs with me while I change into my comfies.  I was holdin’ her and stepped into the closet.  She pointed at the shelf… she wanted something.  I walked over and she grabbed my Steelers hat off the shelf.  She promptly put it on her head.  We went downstairs and Daddy was so proud!!  🙂 

Since then she’s been finding hats all over the house and putting them on her head.  It’s so cute to watch her try to put a hat on her head.  It gets folded and she gets frustrated.  She likes to wear them backwards, because she can see while wearing it.  🙂

That way she can walked around and get into whatever she wants. 

She has also figured out that when mommy has the camera out, she can see herself on the back.  She stops whatever she’s doing and wants to see herself on the back.  It’s cute, until she stops doing whatever it was she was doing before I get is recorded in pixels.  But who can resist this face….


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