New Camera

My sister started her own Non-Profit and was given a Digital SLR to use for the ministry.  Well, I got a little jealous.  Okay, I got GREEN around the gills.  I fell in LOVE!  I have always had a love for photography.  As I’ve thought about it, even as a kid I loved taking pictures.  My sisters all got cameras for their birthdays, but no one used theirs like I did.  In college, I bought a Nikon SLR and LOVED IT!!  Then the digital camera market blew open and I got tired of lugging that big camera around.  We bought a Kodak point and shoot… again I loved it!  Now I could see the pictures I took right after I took them.  What a GREAT solution for a picture freak with no patience to wait for a roll to finish and get developed.  🙂  About two years ago I got a gift from my school board and one of my favorite parents.  I used it to buy a new kodak point and shoot.  At that time, Jim tried to convience me to get a Digital SLR, but I told him I didn’t need that kind of camera.  I just need a point and shoot that takes good pictures.  Well, as my husband likes to point out… if people listened to him more often, the world would be a better place.  And once again, he’s correct!  So for the last month, I’ve been green with envy over my sister’s camera.  I have spent hours of time researching a DSLR.  I have to brag and say I’m proud of myself… I’m normally a VERY impulsive shopper (hence the second point and shoot).  But this time I did things right… at least I hope.  I figured out how to pay for it… or at least most of it.  I didn’t get sucked into the bigger is better speech I got from the sales rep at Best Buy.  I read up, I researched, and I was as patient as I possibly could be.  🙂  This past weekend, I got my new camera!! 

Here are a few of the first pictures I took with my new camera….

I added the sparkle using the camera.  The next picture is an outline of the picture above (also created using my new camera.)  SO MUCH FUN!!!

Thanks my love, for understanding my hobby and indulging me each and every day!!  I love you!!


2 thoughts on “New Camera

  1. That’s it? Two pictures? New camera with bells and whistles and we get two lousy pictures? I’m calling Jim. Even I know how green with envy you were. Your audience awaits…..

  2. WHAT???? I cannot believe what I have read – first, you did research rather than buy… second… the new CAMERA!!!!! HOW freaking cool is this – now I am jealous because you can use it for what ever you want!

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