Saturday is my favorite day of the week.  It’s the day I normally don’t take a shower.  I usually spend lots of time catching up on e-mail, sleeping, and reading.  The other six days of the week are busy with catching up… laundry, baths, cleaning up piles, and hanging out with my two favorite people. 

Monday nights, Mercedes and I have to ourselves.  Jim goes to Bible Study Fellowship.  I used to go Monday nights, too, but I quit going last year when Mercedes was born.  I’ve felt guilty for it ever since, but I’m human right?!!?  I just needed a night at home with my baby girl.  So I did what most Christians do… I dropped my quiet time with God.  Can’t say I’m proud, can’t even say it was worth it, but it has been fun just the two of us.

Another weeknight event is Nail clipping.  Okay so we don’t do it every week, although we probably should.  We used to cut Mercedes nails after she fell asleep.  Now she usually falls asleep in her bed, rather than on our laps.  Sad I know… she’s growing so fast.  Jim puts her on his lap and she holds real still for him.  She likes to watch him cut her nails.  She is a Daddy’s Girl afterall!  🙂

Baby Girl is our entertainment.  We don’t watch much TV, at least not until she goes to bed.  We’re getting better about turning off the TV, since we don’t watch it.  Old habits die hard, you know.  She’s getting more and more fun to watch.  She plays with her baby dolls, ball toys, and walkers.  She reads books like there’s no tomorrow.  And she loves to talk and tell stories.  Someday we’ll actually understand what she says… hopefully.  🙂


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