Feeding Herself

Mercedes cut another tooth this weekend.  YEAH!!!  That makes 4 in total.  However, that means she had a fever and didn’t eat much this weekend.  It’s happened with every tooth… fever, loss of appetite, no energy.  In order to try and get some nurishment in her body, I brought out the leftover baby food.  I’ve been saving for the day when she could feed it to herself.  For breakfast, she let me feed her an entire container of applesauce.  THAT was a victory to say the least.  She got some of her sparkle back after that, but didn’t eat again until lunch.  I tried to feed her the squash and peas, but she would have none of that.  So….

She fed herself.  It started off pretty good. 

And then we got just a little messy.

A little more messy.

When she finished the Squash… she asked for the peas.  So naturally, Mommy gave her the peas.

She went between finger painting and eating.  She used the spoon as a paint brush, as well as an eating utensil.  It was such fun to watch!

In the end, she ate most of the two containers.  Mommy was happy.  Baby Girl was happy.  Daddy was out running errands.  All was well in the Wilson House.

P.S.  She went straight to the tub when she was done… Daddy didn’t even know until he came home and watched the video.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Feeding Herself

  1. Good thing Daddy wasn’t home, you probably didn’t have the right medication for him bwa ha hah!!

    I LOVED it though. Invite me to finger paint next time! xoxo

  2. I love it and I think you should have just “left” her in her high chair and got into the tub for a little mommy alone time, just in time for Jim to come home… it would have been sooo funny for him to walk in and see her “taking care” of herself!

    PS: I am laughing out loud while typing this….

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