Her House

 Just in case you didn’t already know.  Our house is no longer our own.  For the past year and a half (or longer), our house has been taken over little by little.  It’s was strange at first… then became cute… and now it’s just normal. 

The view when you enter the house….

Yes, those are toys all over the place and a pack ‘n play where a dining room table should sit.

Let’s move to the kitchen.
On the counter….

In the cabinets…

She takes up her fair share of the cabinets now.  Who knew I would ever fill up my kitchen cabinets?!?!?

In the family room, the toys have taken over!

There is truly no place in our house that we have for our own anymore.  🙂  We love it!   The piles will grow.  The toys will multiply.  It’s all a sign of love and family time!  At least that’s what I keep telling Jim.


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