Pants on the Ground

Thanks to pop culture, there is an unlimited amount of songs you can get stuck in your head!  The mose recent… Pants on the Ground.  I’m not going to link the YouTube video to this post… it’s not hard to find.  You might be wondering what Pop Culture and the song Pants on the Ground has to do with our family. 

Have we mentioned that Baby Girl loves to dance?!?!?!  Well, Daddy loves Pop Culture and nonsense songs.  Put the two together and you’ve got a recipe for funny video.  🙂 

Just before this video was taken Daddy was singin’ and as soon as he stopped.  Mercedes signed “more”.  We tried again to get it on film.  We thought she would dance to the video of the actual song.  But she just likes being on the other side of the camera.

We tried again.  If nothing else this is a great video of our Baby Girl and her Daddy.  They have such a great relationship.  I can’t wait to see it develop.  This also gives a good picture of her personality.  The small and sassy little thing!!

Success!  Third time is a charm.  You can’t see her sign more very well, but please and thank you are loud and clear.  SO FUN!!!  I love sharing her with all of you!!  Enjoy!


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