Big Girl Cup

Mercedes has been drinking out of a straw for a month now, give or take a few days.  I don’t really remember how the whole thing happened and when she learned, but she did.  She likes to share Mommy’s drink.  I know…. BAD MOMMY!  But it’s too cute and she needs help holding the cup.  This weekend I decided she needed her own cup.  This fall, Jim and I went to Disneyland.  I ordered a Tinkerbell lemonade on my birthday, just so I could have the souvenior cup, straw and blinking light to bring home for Mercedes.  Yes, I’m that crazy mom, you hoped I wouldn’t turn in to.  🙂  Anyway, I filled it with water and it was a hit!!  🙂

So cute!!

I played with my camera and photo shop skills using this picture.  The original picture is the one above.  Here are the “fun” ones.

Black & White

Warm Filter

So fun!  🙂


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