Mor, Fas Tie

Translation… More… Faster Auntie. 

Mercedes went skiing for the first time yesterday.  She had a BLAST!!  Aunt Carol will not be able to walk upright for another week, but it was worth it!!  Isaac skiied too.  It was sooooooooo fun!!

We started the morning off early, stopping for breakfast at McDonald’s.  It is a family tradition afterall!  Mercedes ate all of Gran’pa’s breakfast.  Turns out she’s more like her mom than we thought… McDonald’s sausage is her favorite.

She even helped feed Gran’pa.

Other family traditions were present as well.  Mommy rode in this backpack when she was learning to ski too.  Although, 28 years later this backpack caused panic for the lift operators when we got on this morning.  The glasses are also a family tradition.  They don’t really fit Mercedes yet.  Someday though. 

We got on the lift, got to the top, put on Cede’s skis and we were off!  Auntie Carol was ready to take her down the hill.  It was a dream come true for Mommy to see her Baby Girl on skis.  I have great memories from growing up skiing.  I hope that Mercedes will have great memories as well. 

Gran’ma and Gran’pa were ski instructors when I was little.  The thinking in my family was… once you could stand, you would ski.  I figure… it worked for me, why not my kids! 

More to come… but I wanted to get something posted for you all to see!!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Mor, Fas Tie

  1. Oh my goodness! How WAY COOL was that day!?
    Mercedes Vonn Wilson! I wanna go next time.
    Will Gran’pa share breakfast with me too?

    • WOW! My little Tuesday Sweetie on skis!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!! That’s amazing! And her handsome cousin, too! What CAN’T those kids do???

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