A Visit to 3rd Grade

One week ago, Mercedes was able to visit school with Mommy.  It was a half-day… Pj Day… and a teacher workday.  It was the perfect day for Mercedes to come to school.  She had a GREAT time.  My kids had a GREAT time.  Here’s what we “learned” at school on Friday.

During Morning Work, the class was obviously distracted by our little visitor.  They swarmed around her and I had to clear them out twice.  You would have thought they’d never seen a toddler.  🙂  Mercedes likes to color and she sat at a desk near mine to color. 

At 8:25, third grade switches classes for math.  My math class was working on creating flags from the nations that participated in the 2010 Vacouver Olympics.  We just finished a unit on geometry and it was a great review of geometrical features.  Anyway, while the kids worked on their flags, Mercedes got to watch The Wiggles on the “big screen” in Mommy’s classroom.

It was a fun day.  Since the first time she visited Flagstaff, she doesn’t usually spend much time with me on the days she comes to school.  There are so many “aunts” around to spoil her.  She loves it… they love it!  It’s nice to have her in the building.  I love it when she’s “returned” to my room and she reaches out or runs through the door saying “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.” 

Such a bitter sweet day, that Friday she came to school with me.  You see, on Friday I turned in my Intent to Return form.  Attached to that Intent to Return Form, was a letter of resignation.  I will not be returning to Flagstaff Academy next fall.  It is time for me to be closer to home.  It is time for me to open up more of my time for that little Wiggle who has taken up residence in my heart.  This is a God Thing.  I’m completely at peace with that.  This has not been an easy decision, as I have no other job right now.  It’s taken faith, prayer, and the undieing support of my friends and family.  There have been neon signs from above.  We’re talking LARGE, slap you silly, knock you on your hiney, neon signs.  I’ve listened and I know He will be faithful.  I’m clinging to His promise to NEVER LEAVE, NOR FORSAKE ME.  And His promise to HAVE PLANS FOR ME!  So yes, it was a bittersweet day, to have to tell my class, colleagues, and the community I love that I was not returning.  And to have brought with me the very little girl taking me away, what a sign. 

I LOVE HER!!  I love my God!  I can’t wait to see what next fall bring to our house.  Staying home?!!?  Subbing?!?!?  Teaching in PSD?!?!?  Teaching at a private school???!?!?!  Working at Target????  Who knows!


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