Stop & Smell the… Manure???

My Gran’ma was an amazing woman.  She was strong willed.  She was a shopper.  She taught me so much.  I carry her with me everyday, everywhere I go.  It’s funny, she tends to “ride” on my shoulder, like the little devil or angels you see in the movies. 

Anyway, one thing she taught me was to take time to “stop and smells the flowers.”  Yes, it’s a common saying, but Gran’ma used it as a way of life.  Whether you were on the tip of the Mountain looking down at the lights of the city or in Denver traffic on your way to a Bronco game. 

Take time to stop and smell the roses! 

Well, the past month and a half it has been difficult for me to… take time for flowers!  Looking at the positive side of things, well, it’s been somewhat challenging lately.  Today’s comic from Speed Bump pretty much sums up my feelings for the last month.  🙂

It’s so true.  Sometimes you have to stop and smell the manure, too.  Sometimes looking at the rough stuff, helps refocus our view on life, situtations, and the bigger picture. 

So right now, I’m taking time to smell the manure.  It’s sticky, yucky, ugly, and not much fun.  But on the other hand, don’t the best gardeners use manure to help fertilize their flower beds.  So out of the manure, eventually there will be roses to smell!!  That’s my hope anyway!


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