Waitin’ for Lunch

Mercedes got bored with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade before it was time for lunch.  And by time for lunch, I mean, before the restaurant was open.  I was hungry, she was hungry, and Daddy was gettin’ there.  So we played around a little bit in Old Town.  Can’t complain about that one.  🙂

We followed her, of course.  Did you know that we’re the parents and she’s the child?!?!  Who would’ve thunk?!!?  🙂

This is one of my favorite photos from the day.  My favorite Baby Girl on my favorite street in town.  Since the streets were blocked off for the parade, we just walked down the north bound lane following our pint-sized tour guide.

BeauJo’s wasn’t open yet… still 5 minutes til eleven.

So it was time for a photo shoot!  🙂  Of course!

We walked around the corner and the bagpipes were playin’.  Mercedes liked walkin’ around.  She loves to be the leader, be independent, and explore.  She also LOVES herself some pizza.  🙂  By the time we sat down for lunch, she was ready.  So ready in fact, that she ate a slice and half of BeauJo’s four cheese pizza.  That’s my girl!!  She also helped polish off all the cinnamon apples on both her Dad’s and my dessert pizza.


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