Ready to go!

When Daddy picked Mercedes up from Gran’ma’s last night, she was ready to go.  She grabbed her shoes, took Dad’s keys and headed for the door, waving the whole way.  Once outside she kept walked and sayin’ “bye, Bye, bye.”  She walked right up to Gran’pa’s car and tried to unlock the doors with the keys.  Yes, she tried to use the keys to unlock Gran’pa’s car.  When the first key didn’t know… no lie… she found a second key and tried to make it work.  No luck!  Daddy finally convienced her that his keys wouldn’t open Gran’pa’s car. 

Now, we ‘re all a little baffled by how she learned that a key opens the car door.  We don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a remote key for their car door.  Gran’pa doesn’t have a remote, but Gran’pa didn’t go anywhere in his car with Mercedes yesterday.  So, your guess is as good as ours.  Miss Smartiepants has done it again… stumped us all!  🙂


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